Holy Trinity Church Cuckfield. Making Christ known.

21 April 2014
Anselm of Canterbury, Abbot, Archbishop and Teacher, 1109

Revd Canon Nick Wetherall, Vicar of Cuckfield

Welcome to Holy Trinity here in our beautiful Sussex village of Cuckfield. Our Church has been a centre of Christian worship since the 11th century but is as vibrant today in the 21st century as it ever was. Our mission is quite simply to make Christ known. We do so in our local community, through our mission work across the world, through the hundreds of visitors to our Church and, I hope, for you through this website. Enjoy.

Revd Canon Nick Wetherall, Vicar of Cuckfield

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Annual Meeting

On Sunday 13th April at 11.30am  we will hold our Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parochial Church Meeting. With Nick's departure at the end of April, this is a very important year of transition. These meetings are the place to elect Churchwardens, Lay Members of the PCC, and members of Deanery Synod, as well as review activities of 2013 and conduct other parish business. There is a need for more people to offer themselves for election to the PCC. Please talk to Nick Wetherall, Sandra Hall, or Colin Sewell-Rutter if you would like to know more or stand for election.


Thought for
the Month


Pleasure, which is good, has more to do with virtue than it has with sin. The virtue that is sufficiently resolute to pay the price of self-denial will eventually taste greater pleasure in the things it has renounced than could ever be enjoyed by the sinner who clings to those same things as desperately as if they were his god.

Thomas Merton

The Heart of 
our Community


Since completion last year of its first internal reordering for 150 years, the Church has been blessed with more and more people coming in through its doors: more worshippers from the local community and many more visitors. 

Just as it has been for nearly 1,000 years, Holy Trinity continues always "to be there" as the spiritual and social heart of the community of Cuckfield.  If you haven't yet visited us, please do come and be assured of a warm welcome.