Space for Grace

Space 4 Grace – a time for quiet reflection, prayer and finding a deeper rootedness in God

‘In contemporary society our Adversary majors in three things: noise, hurry and crowds.  If he can keep us engaged in “muchness” and “manyness”, he will rest satisfied’.   We are a distracted and often weary generation, driving ourselves on from one complex set of demands to the next.  There is no time for depth, because we are too busy with other things.  Many of us know that this is not how we want to live, and we long for a way for our lives to be different. But how?

From ‘Celebration of Discipline’ by Richard Foster

Quiet prayer, and centring ourselves in God’s word and silent warmth is a good place to start!

Come and join us in silent prayer and fellowship.

We share readings, poems and prayers.

We pray for our community, the world and our own petitions.
We gain peace, a profound warmth, a boundless strength and a strong sense of belonging.

Here is a selection of the readings, poems and prayers we share

Space 4 Grace

Every two weeks – Wednesday evenings 6.30pm

Dates advertised in weekly pew sheet