Prospective Applicants


Cuckfield Cottage Homes Trust (CCHT) is a charity, which operates in accordance with its Trust Deed dated 31 January 2007.

The trust provides housing for persons who:

  • are in need, hardship or distress, and
  • are sixty years old or over, and
  • are followers of the Christian faith, and
  • are resident locally, with a preference for those living within the Parish of Cuckfield.

CCHT is responsible for managing the six Cottage Homes, located adjacent to Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield.

CCHT is managed by a Board of Trustees, chaired by the Vicar of Cuckfield.

A Monthly Maintenance Contribution is payable by each resident.

Residents are directly responsible for the costs of:

  • internal decoration, and
  • water and sewerage charges, and
  • installation and maintenance of telephone, television and Broadband connection, and
  • Council Tax.

The Trust is responsible for:

  • building repairs and external decoration, and
  • maintenance of the garden, and
  • provision of a communal television licence, and
  • provision of communal gas central heating, and
  • external window cleaning.


  • will be required to sign a Letter of Appointment (accommodation agreement), which sets out the terms upon which the flat is occupied, and
  • must use the flat as their main and only residence, and
  • may not leave the flat empty for more than 21 days, and
  • do not become a tenant of the property, and
  • may not keep any pets at the Cottage Homes.

No car parking is available for residents.

N.B. This is a brief guide. The full terms upon which the flat is occupied are set out in the Letter of Appointment (occupation agreement).