August 2021


My dear friends,

By the time you read this we will have some idea of the sort of freedom we will experience on our continued journey through Covid-World. Masks? Sanitizers? Distancing? Track and Trace? Travel restrictions? All have been part of our lives for these many months, and I am sure that the opinions from many different sides will continue to be expressed about these and other related matters for many more to come! 

The other ongoing effects are far more serious; the loss of loved ones through Covid and other illnesses without, for most, the chance to say goodbye; the disrupted education of young people; increased mental health issues, and just plain loneliness; all will leave their mark and make their presence known for many years. So, too, will the imperfections of our politicians – not necessarily through negligence – most nations really didn’t and still don’t know what to do for the best. No – more the double standards and ill-advised actions. All adds to a bitter pill. 

As a community of faith, we too have suffered loss. Although we are blest to belong to a wonderful community, much of what we previously did has come juddering to a halt. This gives us the opportunity to explore how we move forward effectively; something the PCC will be doing next month. Our primary functions are to worship God, to be fed as the Body of Christ through word and sacrament, and then to overflow grace into the world.

In Jesus Christ is TRUE freedom – a poured out love which draws us through the power of the Holy Spirit to understand a freedom never compromised, abiding with us on every step of our journey towards the Promised Land – our heavenly Jerusalem.

Please pray for our parish as we explore our Gospel-call to proclaim Jesus – the True and Living Vine.

With love,