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  • Prayer Requests

    Prayer Requests

    Whatever you’re going through, if it needs to be shared, share it with us. Use our Contact page and select ‘Prayer Requests’ from the recipient drop-down to share your news […]

  • Prayer Cycle – 31st

    Prayer Cycle – 31st

    Today we pray for A Rocha (Christians in Conservation), Alpha & Emmaus course Leaders and all who attend the courses, and all who live outside the parish but have connections […]

  • Prayer Cycle – 30th

    Prayer Cycle – 30th

    Today we pray for West Sussex Association for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, CARE (Haywards Heath and Cuckfield Pastoral Care), the stewardship of our church and all who live […]

  • Prayer Cycle – 29th

    Prayer Cycle – 29th

    Today we pray for The Goodwill Children’s Homes of South India, Mission Aviation Fellowship and all who live in Copyhold Lane.

  • Prayer Cycle – 28th

    Prayer Cycle – 28th

    Today we pray for St. Wilfrid’s Hospice & Chestnut House, all users of the Old School, young people who live away from home and all who live in Tylers Green.

  • Prayer Cycle – 27th

    Prayer Cycle – 27th

    Today we pray for St. Peter & St. James Hospice, St. Catherine’s Hospice, The Music and Worship Foundation, and all who live in Hatchgate Lane, Hatchgate Close and Wheatsheaf Lane.

  • Prayer Cycle – 26th

    Prayer Cycle – 26th

    Today we pray for The Church Army, The Bible Society, local youth organisations and all who live in Horsgate Lane.

  • Prayer Cycle – 25th

    Prayer Cycle – 25th

    Today we pray for The Inter Diocesan West Africa Link (especially the Church in Cameroon), Cuckfield branch of the Royal British Legion, the Sussex Church Bells Restoration Fund and all […]

  • Prayer Cycle – 24th

    Prayer Cycle – 24th

    Today we pray for The Sudan Church Association (and the Episcopal Church of Sudan), Houses into Homes, Warden Park Academy and all who live in Old Park Close and Warden […]

  • Prayer Cycle – 23rd

    Prayer Cycle – 23rd

    Today we pray for all carers and the Carers National Association, St. George’s Church, Baghdad, & Canon Andrew White, Holy Trinity Primary School and all who live in London Lane.