Lent Appeal 2021

A huge thank you to everyone who gave so generously to the Lent Appeal in aid of Tariro and Crawley Open House, two charities who work tirelessly to provide accommodation and services for homeless people, helping unlock the door to a better life.

Tariro provides shelter, education and employment opportunities for disadvantaged orphans and young people in Zimbabwe.

Crawley Open House provides support for those living on the streets locally through its day centre, hostel, and advice clinics on finding accommodation.

If you had walked through the churchyard during Lent you would have stopped and looked twice at the two installations.

These two incredibly moving figures were created by Margaret Somers and made us stop and reflect on the issues of homelessness and our response to it. If you had looked closely at the figures’ hands and feet you would have seen that they bore the wounds of the crucifixion, reminding us that Christ is in everyone we meet and reminding us of his great love for each one of us.  

A staggering £1,828  was raised;  £1,087 for Crawley Open House and £741 for Tariro. Thank you so much.