Love in a Box


57 shoeboxes full of gifts and surprises have been sent to Croatia via Mustard Seed Relief Mission. It is difficult to imagine how much joy they will give to the children who receive them. Thank you so much for helping to make their Christmas special.

Original appeal:

As in previous years, we are collecting Christmas shoeboxes for Love in a Box on behalf of the Mustard Seed Relief Mission. Please note they have to be given to Fiona Halsey by the 31st October 2021 this year. These boxes bring great joy to children who are unlikely to receive anything else.

Please fill a shoebox with requested items as per the leaflet, and leave the boxes either in the church office or give them to Fiona at school or home or contact her to arrange collection of the box.  We would be very grateful if you could include a minimum of £4 per box to help with the transportation costs.