September 2021

What a wonderful world!

My dear friends,

The words above will bring a tune to mind for many people, and really, when we consider the world, this is primarily how we should view it. God’s creation; ours to treasure and care for. But – you may respond – what about the terrible things going on at present; Afghanistan, Haiti, Global warming…..catastrophes here, there and everywhere.

Let us be people of optimism! Yes, humans really have a great deal to answer for, yet the good surely outweighs the bad. As people of Faith in Jesus Christ, we have the answer, because loving the world and loving humanity, means that we view everything through a prism of love. 

I heard someone decrying charity recently on the radio. Yet what does charity (caritas) mean other than love? Love is at the heart of our Faith because God is love. As the French philosopher Simone Weil wrote: ‘To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.’ 

Be rooted in God’s love – and not only will the world appear more beautiful, but you will have the means to transform its sorrows into joy.

With love,

Michael (Vicar)