Vicar’s Letter: February 2022

Counting Blessings

My dear friends,

You will imagine the missed emotions with which I write these words as I prepare to leave Cuckfield after seven years as vicar. It has simply been the greatest privilege of my life to serve such a wonderful community. Many of you have allowed me to journey with you in moments of great joy as well as deep sorrow. You asked me to become part of your journeying, and you are now part of mine. Thank you. 

I think that I am something like the 57th Vicar of Cuckfield – the first was appointed in 1250 by St Richard of Chichester as the current building was under construction. So Holy Trinity has seen the whole sweep of our national history ever since; from the Black Death to Reformation, from Regicide to Commonwealth and Restoration, and numerous wars including two World Wars. However, it remains what it has ever been – a place where stillness of heart may be experience and found – a holy space where all are welcomed without exception.

Cuckfield remains a community of exceptional generosity, where despite the pressure of separation which so many elements of modern society can bring about, the sense of connection is still strong. Indeed, I believe Covid has strengthened the bonds within our town/village (delete as appropriate – I know there are strong opinions on both sides!).

I count my blessings to have been both servant and shepherd to this wonderful parish. Thank you, my friends, from the bottom of my heart. 

With love,

Michael (Vicar)