Category: Vicar’s Letters

  • Vicar’s Letter: February 2022

    Vicar’s Letter: February 2022

    Counting Blessings My dear friends, You will imagine the missed emotions with which I write these words as I prepare to leave Cuckfield after seven years as vicar. It has […]

  • Vicar’s Letter: January 2022

    Vicar’s Letter: January 2022

    Ring out, wild bells! My dear friends, Thus writes Alfred Lord Tennyson from his poem In Memoriam in which, using wonderful imagery, he conjures up the sense of renewed life […]

  • Vicar’s letter: Christmas 2021

    Vicar’s letter: Christmas 2021

    My dear Friends, Before the paling of the stars, Before the winter morn, Before the earliest cock crow, Jesus Christ was born With this wonderful imagery, Christina Rossetti starts one […]

  • Vicar’s Letter: November 2021

    Vicar’s Letter: November 2021

    New Oracles? Dear Friends, I found a newspaper article from The Times I saved over a decade years ago, penned by the Nigerian author, Ben Okri. The title was striking; […]

  • Vicar’s letter: October 2021

    Vicar’s letter: October 2021

    Respect Dear Friends, We have had various spats recorded in the press recently concerning various politicians using language which to my mind should never be used within political discourse. Both […]

  • September 2021

    September 2021

    What a wonderful world! My dear friends, The words above will bring a tune to mind for many people, and really, when we consider the world, this is primarily how […]

  • August 2021

    August 2021

    FREEDOM My dear friends, By the time you read this we will have some idea of the sort of freedom we will experience on our continued journey through Covid-World. Masks? […]

  • July 2021

    July 2021

    The Living Flame My dear friends, As the continuing situation in regard to Covid seems never ending, I have been struck over many months by the number of candles alight […]

  • June 2021

    June 2021

    My dear friends, The diocese has asked every parish in the diocese to engage with a Deanery Mission Action Plan and poses four aspects to which questions are linked: More […]